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When is home health care needed?

For seniors in particular, there are some indications that home health care may be warranted:

  • A history of falls
  • Weight loss, diminished appetite or willingness to prepare meals, or spoiled food in the refrigerator
  • Problems with walking or balance, getting up or down, or transferring in and out of bed
  • Diminished driving skills or recent car accidents
  • Changes in personal grooming or hygiene such as uncombed hair, body odor, infrequent bathing or shaving, or wearing unclean or stained clothing
  • Not remembering to take medication or get prescriptions refilled, difficulty managing multiple prescriptions
  • The home has become cluttered or unclean
  • Paperwork is piling up or bills are not being paid
  • A loss of interest in socializing or in activities that were once enjoyed
  • Confusion, memory loss, difficulty concentrating and changes in personality which may be signs of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease